Jim “Stroker” Kennedy

Started hot rodding Harley’s 45 years ago. Before EVOs twin cams and M8’ were a thing . Twelve years ago I started racing baggers ,before racing baggers became cool. My 2007 ultra named Bettie was purchased new and we’ve been on a journey every since . Her first 100,000 miles was spent competing in the IBA and LD rider world . In her 12 years of drag racing she has seen many combinations and after seven years of runner up or 3rd in points she took me to back to back national points championships in the AMRA . In 2021 my best friend David Burdsall teamed up with me and we have been having a blast as a team experimenting and testing some wild theories . Our most recent endeavor is running nitromethane in our baggers. We’ve never had anything but stock 6sp transmissions so we’re excited to beat up on some 77 Cycles transmissions for sure.

David Burdsall

David is 29, he started racing at age 16. He’s raced Harleys, buell’s and Suzukis. He’s won 4 national events with the amra, 2nd place in a points championship, 5 th place in a points championship. Has won some locus events.

Suzuki personal best e.t 8.36 @ 156mph

Harley personal best e.t 9.29 @ 131 mph

Bagger personal best 9.93 @ 133

Sponsored by Paradise Performance and now 77 Cycles with a badass transmission that’ll take all the abuse and power we can throw at it.


-Professional Stunt Rider out of Brooksville, Florida with many stunt shows under his belt

-2002 Dyna Lowrider and a 2005 Roadglide

-Just took the winter time to build the bikes from 88” to 95ci and running a 77 Cycles 5 Speed Transmission on the Dyna. Shifts like butter and taking all the abuse!

-Zeek is on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube and goes by the same handle on every platform @uptown_zay3

-Currently sponsored by TBR Exhaust, Moes Motorcycle Shop, Wideopenco. & 77 Cycles

Dillon Cook aka Lowlife Stunts

Professional Stunt Rider out of Panama City Florida

Stunts a 2000 Dyna & 2003 Roadglide with 77 Cycles 5 speed transmissions

Been stunting since 2018 and has done tons of shows with multiple other top riders across the states.

Recently competed in Drifter Cross

– stunt rides just about anything!

Currently Sponsored by:

-Baja design
-Cali raised moto
-Fox fab moto
-Klock Works
-Harley hookup
-8fifty speed shop
-77 Cycles
-1 wheel mafia

Instagram: lowlifestunts

Facebook: Dillon Cook

Brandon “Birdgang” Nogues

-Professional Harley Stunt Rider

-2000 H-D Dyna Super Glide FXDX

-Home base is Deltona Fl

-Been stunt riding since 2018

-Served in the US Army for 4 years. Did 1 deployment in Afghanistan as 11b (Infantry)

-Certified Harley-Davidson Technician

-Machinist, Welder, and Fabricator

-@birdgangstunts on Instagram

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